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Model HZ-330 Centrigual Barrel SystemCentrifugal: Barrel Finishing

MFI Centrifugal Barrels - HZ High Energy Series

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HZ High Energy SeriesThe HZ Series Finishing Machines are the most economical, high speed finishing equipment available. The variable frequency speed control permits fine finishing and polishing at slower speeds and aggressive deburring and edge radiusing at higher speeds. Four barrels are mounted at the periphery of a large turret. Each barrel is loaded with media, parts and water to approximately 50% to 90% full.

Model HZ-12 & Model HZ-40During operation, rotation of the large turret creates a centrifugal force on the media and parts inside each barrel. This force compacts the load into a tight mass causing the media and parts to slide against each other, Model HZ-120removing burrs and creating superior finishes. This action also reduces the cycle time needed to complete the finishing of the parts by up to a factor of 30 over conventional vibratory and barrel tumbling. Hand finishing operations can now be efficiently and economically automated with the HZ series machines. Results with this centrifugal barrel finishing equipment are consistent and predictable, every time.

HZ High Energy SeriesThere are nine models to choose from in the HZ series. The HZ-12, HZ-30 2S and HZ-40 all have removable barrels. By utilizing an extra set of barrels, the operator can unload and reload one set while the other set of barrels is in cycle in the machine. Our models are supplied with removable liners as standard equipment. This feature decreases downtime and lowers maintenance cost. The HZ-80 and larger have the ability to use dividers to eliminate part on part impingement.

Model Total Volume Barrel Dimensions Overall Dimensions Motor
HZ-12 .4 cubic feet 8 ½” L x 5” diameter 34”W x 30”L x 30”H 1 hp
HZ-30 2S 1 cubic foot 11 ¼”L x 6 5/8” diam. 47”W x 38”L x 49”H 3 hp
HZ-40 1.4 cubic feet 12 ¾”L x 6 7/8” diam. 47”W x 37”L x 49”H 3 hp
HA-60  2.0 cubic feet 24 3/4"L x 6"W x 5 5/8" diam. 40"W x 68"L x 90"H 5 hp
HZ-80 2.6 cubic feet 16”L x 8 ½” diameter 56”W x 54”L x 76”H 7.5 hp
HZ-120 4.0 cubic feet 17 ¼” L x 10 ¼” diam. 66”W x 54”L x 76”H 10 hp
HZ-160 5.5 cubic feet 20 ¾”L x 12” diameter 70”W x 54”L x 76”H 15 hp
HZ-220 6.8 cubic feet 27 ½”L x 11 ½” diam. 75”W x 54”L x 76”H 15 hp
HZ-330 10.5 cubic feet 42”L x 12” diameter 90”W x 56”L x 80”H 25 hp


Pictured below are the removable barrels & liners.

Automatic Parts Separator - PSA Series

Designed to work with the HZ Series Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Equipment Systems, this Automatic Parts Separator is the perfect way to unload the barrels and separate your parts from the media. Simply position the barrel over the vibrating screen deck and “dump” the media and parts out. Your parts stay on top of the screen, while the media falls through to the bottom catch pans.