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Centrifugal: Discs: Walther Trowal

Trowal® Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines

Model Range:  TT...B  /  TT...SM  /  TT...A/2C

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Top performance! - Turbotron centrifugal machines are characterized by extremely intensive processing. Compared to vibratory finishing systems, centrifugal disc machines offer up to 10 times higher grinding performance. Trowal  centrifugal disc machines are specially suited for removal of strong burrs and intensive radiusing of small and mid-size parts.

Model range TT...BVariable Processing Intensity - Besides aggressive deburring and radiusing, Turbotron centrifugal disc finishing machines also permit gentle smoothing and polishing of delicate and very thin components.


Model range TT...B

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They are mainly suited for manual operation. However, by adding peripheral equipment, they can be partially automated.

These are stand-alone machines for manual operation without integrated loader, screening machine and media return system.  The work bowl is either pivoted by hand (TT 25, TT 45) or hydraulically.  However, by adding peripheral equipment like loading and screening systems, they can be partially automated.


Model range TT...SMModel range TT...SM

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SM-machines are pivoted TT systems with flanged-on screening machine and integrated media hopper.

These are pivoted TT systems with flanged-on screening machine and integrated media hopper.  At the end of the centrifugal disc finishing process, the system pivots by 135°, thus transporting the mass of chips/work pieces onto the screening machine. There, separation takes place.  When the system pivots back to processing position, the media slide back from the hopper into the work bowl.


Model range TT...A/2C

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The double batch principle minimizes expensive idle time and is most suitable for automation. Optionally, it is also available in Tandem-design.

Model range TT...A/2CThe double batch principle:  While one batch with finished parts is separated on the screening machine, a second batch is processed in the work bowl.

In this manner, costly idle times - especially for parts/media separation - can be minimized, thus achieving maximum productivity.  Double batch systems are ideally suites for  Automation.

Tandem machines - The Tandem design- a version of the double batch principle  -  is suited for applications with relatively long processing times and short separation times: The Tandem machine is equipped with 2 work bowls, however with only one intermediate hopper and one screening machine. The combination of intermediate hopper/screening machine is alternately used from both work bowls.

Advantage: Saving of space and costs!

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