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Centrifugal Finishing Machines

A centrifugal barrel finishing machine that yields 30-40 times faster finishing than vibratory. Superior deburring and high luster polishing. Centrifugal disc machines produce high energy toroidal action.

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Centrifugal Barrel Finishing

Centrifugal Disc Finishing

The benefits of processing with centrifugal systems are numerous. Improved finishing rates, increased flexibility, process control, and the ability to attain finer finishes are examples of such benefits.

With the average machine speed in the area of 150 rpm, the force applied to the work piece can be as much as ten times that generated by conventional vibratory processes. Time cycles can be reduced by approximately 40 to 60%.es. Time cycles can be reduced by approximately 40 to 60%.

Shorter cycle times provide an obvious increase in throughput (comparative volumes being equal). Centrifugal discs by design offer 100% unload with parts/media separation, and therefore maintain “part lot” or “batch-to-batch” integrity. High-speed processing and complete batch integrity provide the flexibility to “change over” and process a multitude of different parts and / or different processes separately in a relatively short period of time. In short, centrifugal discs promote efficient, high-speed processing of traceable batches, and are an extremely valuable feature in today’s high production manufacturing environments.